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An Environmental Retreat: 5 Reasons to Embrace Earth Day at Stroudsmoor Country Inn

Here in the Poconos of Northeast PA, it isn’t difficult to find outdoor recreational activities for you and the family, especially as we head into spring. And at Stroudsmoor, our guests boast a special advantage as the Inn not only claims its own 1-mile hiking trail, but it is also just minutes from nationally protected areas like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge, as well as other fascinating natural attractions. 

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re sharing with you our Top 5 reasons for joining us at the Inn, and all the ways you can get outside this month. 

1. Take a Hike—Enjoy Stroudsmoor’s Natural Walking Trail, the 1-Mile Loop

As mentioned above, visitors to the Inn boast a special advantage this Earth Day as we proudly host and maintain our very own walking trail. Located behind Woodsgate, Stroudsmoor’s most historic event venue, the 1-Mile Loop is a half mile out to its overlook and a half-mile on the return.

Along the trail, there are four unique points of interest, which include Birdhouse Park (revamped last summer with help from Boy Scout Troop 86), our Butterfly Garden, a Paw Print Sandbox, and, finally, Bird of Prey Overlook. You can read more about the Loop here, but Bird of Prey Overlook actually brings us to Earth Day destination #2.

White tailed deer lies among foliage
Trees frame view of Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge

2. Meet the Neighbors—Pay a Visit to Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge, established in 2008 and covering more than 22,000 acres of protected land, bumps right up against Stroudsmoor Country Inn’s own mountain peak. When hiking the Inn’s trail, you may expect to encounter some of Cherry Valley’s impressive birdlife upon reaching Bird of Prey Overlook. Some of the refuge’s residents may include the American Kestrel, the Red-Winged Blackbird, and the Cooper’s or Red-Winged Hawk.

Offering safe harbor to vast numbers of diverse migratory birds and threatened species, Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge also boasts several hiking trails, allowing ample opportunity for hikers, birders, photographers, and more to explore the area neighboring Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

3. Recreate Responsibly—Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

As mentioned above, there is no shortage of outdoor recreation activities here in the Poconos. In anticipation of Earth Day, we invite you to consider visiting the nearby Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Overlooking the Delaware River, the national recreation area is just over 10 minutes from the Inn.

Not only does the Delaware Water Gap offer miles upon miles of hiking trails—all part of the 2,190-mile-long Appalachian Trail spanning the East Coast—but the river also offers ample opportunity for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing to name a few. The area is also home to a number of naturally occurring waterfalls and camping areas, just to name a couple. As such, you may want to add a visit to this nationally protected destination to your Poconos bucket list if you’re looking to celebrate Earth Day among the mountains.

View from a trail at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Waterfall flows over natural rock formations at Bushkill

4. Fall in Love with the Poconos—Bushkill Falls

Calling all sightseers! If hiking isn’t exactly your jam, don’t fret. There are still a number of fun and fascinating things to do outside on Earth Day here in the Poconos! In addition to nationally protected land, the Inn is also located nearby one of the region’s most popular, privately owned—not to mention romantic—waterfall attractions: Bushkill Falls.

Footbridges allow visitors to walk over a number of the falls here, inclusive of the attraction’s hundred-foot main fall. Like Cherry Valley, Bushkill Falls is a popular spot for avid birdwatchers, diverse tree species like hemlock, pine, oak, maple, beech, and birch offering plentiful resting areas for local bird populations. Bushkill Falls is located about half-an-hour from the Inn.

5. Fun for the Whole Fam—Pocono Environmental Education Center

If you have littles in your party during your Earth Day visit to the Inn, don’t stress! Family-friendly is what we strive to be and that’s why, among our Top-5 list , we’ve chosen to include the local Pocono Environmental Education Center

The PEEC is the perfect Poconos destination for children and adults alike, offering numerous educational opportunities for all ages. With programs scheduled weekly, from the EcoZone Discovery Room, Frog Frolic, and Evening Pond Paddles, to its on-campus walking trails, there is hardly a lack of fun, family-friendly activities. The PEEC is intricately connected with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, positioned at the epicenter of this scenic region.

Yellow butterfly sits upon wildflower

More Ways to Get Outside this Earth Day

Our Top-5 list is meant to serve as a source of inspiration to get outside and celebrate this Earth Day, however, it’s hardly a finalized list of all of the things to do and see right here near the Inn! Some other Poconos destinations and locations to consider visiting this spring and summer include Pocono Snake & Animal Farm, the Tannersville Cranberry Bog Preserve which is managed by The Nature Conservancy, “one of the most effective and wide-reaching environmental organizations in the world,” and Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center, Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, and so much more. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Inn and on our trail; and if you happen to capture photos of our diverse wildlife here on property while hiking our trail, please don’t hesitate to share it with us at and look for them on socials!

Building Vitality—with a View!

View of Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge from Stroudsmoor's Ridgecrest

About Stroudsmoor’s Wellness Workshop:

Finally, once you’ve gotten your share of outdoor exploration in the areas both on and around Stroudsmoor’s property, we welcome you back to the Inn, where you and your partner may join us for a cozy night in at one of our multifaceted lodging accommodations or for a warm, hearty meal at The Moor: Stroudsmoor’s Restaurant. However, that’s not all we offer! 

If, at the end of your travels, you haven’t yet gotten your fill of all of the remarkable views here in the Poconos this Earth Day, consider joining our certified wellness trainer for a workshop focused on better connecting the mind, body, and soul.

At the Ridgecrest overlook, with Cherry Valley sprawling below and the mountain air rushing over the ledge of our peak, our trainer will take you through mindful exercises, which, she states, “helps reduce stress and anxiety, aids in muscle recovery, helps to relieve everyday muscle aches, and works to correct muscle imbalances!”

Let your body relax, your mind wander, and your heart sing atop the Stroudsmoor Mountain . . . Happy Earth Day!

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