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The Sweet Monty

A Stroudsmoor Inn Town Bakery Café signature panini that marries sweet and savory … a perfect combination!

The perfect combination of sweet and savory . . .

For a his and her lunch at Stroudsmoor Inn Towne – and try its new deck seating for an outdoor luncheon for two.

Couple holding hands while eating lunch
Ingredient Preparation
3 slices Raisin Bread Stroudsmoor Raisin Bread preferred - Sliced length-wise not width-wise.
3 Tbsp. Of Cranberry Aioli A blend of cranberry relish, minced garlic and mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon spread on each layer of raisin bread.
¼ lb. Oven Gold Turkey Sliced thin and layered on the bottom slice of raisin bread against the cranberry aioli.
¼ lb. Baked Ham Sliced thin and stacked on top of the turkey.
4 slices of Swiss Cheese Top the turkey and ham with two slices of Swiss Cheese and stack the next piece of raisin bread on top of the cheese aioli side down.
Repeat the layering Turkey, ham, cheese, Raisin Bread aioli side against the cheese.
Grill on a Panini Maker Place your sandwich stack on the panini grill and press – release when bread is golden.
EAT With two hands!
sweet monty 002

No panini grill at our house?

Stop by Stroudsmoor Inn Towne and get a Sweet Monty to go. SIT delivers too!
570-517-0663 – 125 Broad Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360

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