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Thanksgiving Turkey Stroudsmoor-Style

  1. Good Knife – be sure to have a true carving knife—one with a long thin blade (10”) sharpened properly. A two-prong carving fork is suggested to complement the knife.
  2. Remove Thighs – find the stop where thighbones meet the body of the bird – slip your knife into the joint and separate the thigh from body (on both sides).
  3. Drumstick – separate the drumstick from the thigh cutting through the joint not the bone.
  4. Dark Meat – remove the dark meat from the thigh bone by run-ning the knife along the bone to get as much as possible off in one piece – then slice the section of dark meat into thin pieces for service.
  5. Wing – using the knife find where the wing and body meet. Again, separate the wings from the body at the joint.
  6. Breast – now that the thighs, legs and wings have been re-moved, the breast meat is easily accessible. Carve thin slices off one side of the breast, straight from the top of the breast and cutting downward in a sawing motion parallel to the breast bone. Repeat same with the other side of the breast.


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