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Stroudsmoor Pickled Baby Beet Salad

This recipe is featured on the Stroudsmoor Soup and Salad Bar and serves approximately 100 guests.

If you can do the math to serve 4 people, you win dinner for two at the Inn!


Quick Steps

  1. Place the beets and brine in a bowl approximately 30” in diameter – yes 30”.
  2. Add in the remaining ingredients – pouring the sugar in slowly, stirring the mixture with a rubber spatula to minimize beet breakage (why she likes a firm beet) and ensure the sugar dissolves in the brine.
  3. Allow you mixture to sit at room temperature for about 10-minutes – then stir again before backing.
  4. Store the 7-gallons of Pickled Baby Beet Salad in air-tight containers, ensuring the beet is covered in liquid, label with a freshness date, and place in a refrigerator (or walk-in cooler).
  5. Choose your plate wisely – Mrs. P. prefers white enamel coated metal flanged bowls, which retains a cool temperature, look lovely on the black granite of the Stroudsmoor Salad Bar, and allows the beautiful color of the beets to POP!

Good luck with the math!

Email your answer to The first person to get it right wins dinner for two at the Inn.

Here’s a twist for your extra beet brine ...

Stroudsmoor Pickled Eggs

When your beets are covered in brine and stored, retain the remaining liquid from your salad for this pickled egg recipe.


Quick Steps

  1. Leaving the remaining brine in your mixing bowl, add the additional vinegar and pickling spices – stir.
  2. Gently place your hard cooked eggs in the mixture. Stir with rubber spatula and ensure the eggs are coated in the liquid. You should see them start to turn a lovely shade of fuchsia.
  3. Please your eggs first into air-tight containers. Stir the brine constantly to ensure the spices and brine fill the containers of eggs evenly.
  4. Seal the containers and refrigerate.

Optional Ingredient: Add a bottle of beer to your brine and give your eggs and adult flavor – try Brooklyn Brown Ale.

Note: the longer in the brine the more the eggs will be infused with the flavors of the pickling spices.  Gauge the amount of flavor you like by noting the intensity of the color when the eggs are at your preferred taste.

Egg Enhancement

    1. Pink Lady Egg Salad – makes a lovely finger-sandwich for a baby shower or PINK PARTY theme.
    2. Pickled Deviled Eggs – perfect for a plate garnish or an hors d’oeuvre.
    3. Sliced Pickled Eggs – on wheat bread with green leaf lettuce and a garlic aioli to make a tangy sandwich.
    4. Egg Poppers – place your eggs in glass jar with a lid and serve them at happy hour along with a hoppy German Pilsner or malty English Ale. POP the lid and drink the beer!

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