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The Pirone Family Jewel

The Pirones live together, work together, face issues together, raise their children together and weave their lives through Stroudsmoor. It is this unbreakable bond that holds The Inn up and keeps it going.

Admiring their new home . . . fall 1985

Sister Barbara took the photo with baby Nick in the carriage, as the family walked from one end of our property to another, admiring its beauty and knowing one day many guests would call it their home in the country.

It was May 1984, and the Pirone Family had just purchased The Stroudsmoor Country Inn. At that time, it consisted of 150 acres, a main inn, the original hotel, separate motel-style structures, cottages, an in-ground pool, the Frolic Club, and an assortment of additional buildings.

The facility had operated as a three-month summer family resort since the 1930’s. As such, it was equipped to offer three meals daily, entertainment, games, and modest accommodations. The Stroudsmoor Country Inn served as a welcome getaway for vacationing clientele for many years.

vintage stroudsmoor original owners

The Butsch Family former owners of the Inn 1937 to 1984

vintage stroudsmoor outdoor pool

The Cottages overlooking the outdoor pool – 1940

vintage stroudsmoor outdoor pool 002

The outdoor pool – 1955

In 1984, The Pirone Family included mother and father, Louis and Bernadette, daughters, Linda, Susan and Barbara, and sons-in-law, Andrew and Lewellyn.

Being such a close-knit family, they decided to devote their resources to finding and operating a family owned business in which each would play an integral role. All would live on the premises and all would devote their talent and energies to the enterprise.

Linda and Andy accepted the responsibility of conducting the property search.

That search ultimately led to the purchase of the Stroudsmoor.

Fast forward twenty-five years to 2009.

The Pirone Family grew by six grandchildren, Nicholas, Richard, Michael, Benjamin, Daniel, and Sarah.

Stroudsmoor’s property increased in size, as well.  The main inn was enhanced with a renowned full-service restaurant, charming cocktail lounge, attractive rooms and junior suites and is connected by a breezeway to the spacious indoor pool and fitness room.

The original hotel, until recently, was home to The Village Common, a country mercantile and flower shop. Newly renamed Auradell and redesigned, it now features luxurious suites, fine art gallery space, corporate conference and dining facilities, as well as a full-service floral and décor department, and Event Office to plan every detail of your special day.

The Frolic Club was renovated early on into Woodsgate, the original banquet facility. The success of that banquet site generated fifteen years of new construction, allowing for additional banquet and lodging capacity.

Ridgecrest, Lawnhaven, Terraview and the luxurious Ledgemere Suites now grace the Stroudsmoor landscape.

1999 pirone cruise

Pirone Family Vacation 1999

The family grew by 6 Generation 3 family members

mom and p

Great-Grandmother Bernadette with the youngest great-grandchild – Little “P”enelope

mom at leos christening

Great-Grandmother Bernadette with the oldest great-grandchild turning five in 2020 – Leonardo surrounded by his parents Nicholas and Jessica

our sweet susan

Great-Grandmother Bernadette and Grandmother Susan-Bernadette holding the middle great-grandchild – Eleanor “Sissy”

What makes Stroudsmoor so special? Why is the food consistently excellent, the property so attractive, the staff so hospitable, the weddings so exquisite, the special events so memorable?

The answer is the Pirone Family, the heart and soul of Stroudsmoor.

From Louis, the Patriarch, to Bernadette our very own Cuisine Queen. From Andy the CEO, to Linda The Master of Marketing & Event Operations. From Lewy, who keeps the city of Stroudsmoor operating, to Susan, Professor of Floral and Décor. Let’s not forget Barbara, Creator of Wonderful Weddings, and Nick, Rick, Michael, Ben, Dan, & Sarah, the grandchildren who bring joy and pride, and the bright future of the Pirone Family into view every day.

The Pirones live together, work together, face issues together, raise their children together and weave their lives through Stroudsmoor. It is this unbreakable bond that holds The Inn up and keeps it going.  

Individually, their talents are varied and considerable, their energy is legendary, and their devotion to the enterprise unwavering.

Collectively, they share a common goal and are the driving force in pursuit of that goal … to make the Stroudsmoor Country Inn the Pirone Family Jewel, envisioned so clearly 25 years ago.

By Joan Mills, Long-time Observer.

Ten more years of Stroudsmoor history . . .

The past decade has brought challenges and rewards for the Pirone Family Jewel.  The Inn has seen economic downturns, been struck by hurricanes, survived a tornado, navigated the restrictions of a global pandemic, and suffered the tragic loss of Susan Bernadette and Louis.   Despite the hardships and setbacks, the family and business have grown.  Generation three grew by marriage – Jessica, Blake, and Kelly joined the family, and soon Savannah will make 4 new family members. Generation four began with the birth of Leo in 2016, Eleanor followed in 2018, and Penelope was introduced in 2019. Baby Sophia joyfully arrives in 2021.

In addition to the family growth, Stroudsmoor grew to 200 acres, 22 buildings including  six event venues, a production and retail bakery in downtown Stroudsburg, on-site spa and salon, and several vacation rental properties to accommodate the needs and comfort of its growing list of loyal leisure and event guests.

Through 36-years of business, the family mantra of old-world hospitably, quality, courtesy, and outstanding service has brought the Inn and its associates great respect and numerous accolades from those who have visited . . . 

“My wife had booked a room for an overnight stay at Stroudsmoor in order to celebrate our 21st anniversary. Upon arriving at the property, we were blown away at how beautiful everything was . . . What happened next exceeded our expectations! First, we met the Operations Manager who was extremely professional. He personally proceeded to take us around the property to give us a choice of some potential accommodations. He was singing the praises of the Stroudsmoor property and how the original founders had the foresight to acquire and develop more land, which has allowed SCI to handle the unique hospitality demands in the COVID situation. The more we learned, the more we were thankful that we had come to SCI . . . The restaurant's host was extremely professional and pleasant. Not only did he sell the restaurant, but he also was very enthusiastic about SCI in general . . . I do not want to forget our waitress. She was timely and pleasant and conversational. She knew the menu and was extremely helpful in answering our questions. She has obviously been very well trained, and made our anniversary dinner experience just perfect . . . We only stayed one evening, and thus only were with you for less than 24 hours, but we left saying we would come back again and encourage others to give you their business - whether that was simply for an overnight or for an event. The way the Stroudsmoor staff handled our requests was exceptional, and reminds us of what "old school" hospitality really is all about . . . The entire team SOLD US on Stroudsmoor. Thank you.”

These kind words and those of so many other guests tell the story of the Pirone Family Jewel more precisely and truthfully than any one person can articulate.

It is with great pleasure and honor that The Pirone Family welcomes all to Stroudsmoor Country Inn, their home in the majestic Pocono Mountains.

stroudsmoor family group photo

Forte/Livingston Wedding – May 4, 2019

Always in our hearts . . . Louis Richard Pirone, Dr. Anthony Pirone, and Susan Bernadette Lebel

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