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Lost in Time Car Club to Make a Summertime Pit Stop at the Inn

We’re gearing up for summer here at the Inn, and we’re thrilled to announce that our annual music series, Music at the Moor, is just around the corner. While our annual event kicks off in late May, car enthusiasts may especially look forward to our June date, which not only features Penn Strings Rocks—promising a night of pop music enriched with orchestral grandeur—but also local Lost in Time Car Club.

Cruising to Stroudsmoor on Wednesday, June 19th, Lost in Time Car Club, located just down the road in Marshall’s Creek, will be bringing along a diverse collection of historic cars and trucks, allowing guests to step back in time for a moment, when things were simpler, and motorists weren’t forced to battle with their car radios’ Bluetooth settings to listen to their favorite tunes. 

Get to Know this Pocono Mountains Car Club!

White sports car parked with hood open

According to Allyson Oliveira, chairwoman of Lost in Time Car Club, the group’s roots extend far beyond their official founding in 2001. She shared with the Inn’s Director of Event Operations, “I must proudly say my Dad [Leslie Lifson] started the club. Here’s the story.” 

She went on to explain that her father, from the time he was a young boy, always had a passion for admiring and working on automobiles. She quipped, “Back then, [our] cars would be daily drivers, but now the same cars are our classic cars.”

Eventually, Lifson’s passion for cars brought him to the drag strip, where “he raced and won many trophies and awards for his two famous cars.” 

Per Lost in Time’s website, these very special vehicles were his Teowona Taxi, a 1956 Chevy Wagon 4-door with a 265 2-barrel, 2-speed transmission; and the Georgia Cracker, a 1957 2-door Station Wagon with a 283 and a power glide. 

Once Leslie, affectionately known as Les among loved ones, welcomed his first daughter Allyson, he concluded his racing days. However, unsurprisingly, his passion for the cruisers never died. In the years following, Allyson said he would go on to join several car clubs before finally founding the Lost in Time Car Club in 2001, which continues to tour the region and aid in local community benefit efforts more than 20 years later. 

The club was initially founded in Freehold, New Jersey where Allyson said it thrived for several years. Eventually the family moved, and Les tried to give the club the same momentum much farther south in Alabama. Although it didn’t gain the traction there that it had in New Jersey, circumstances led Les and the family back north, where the club (after temporarily going dormant) again became active in its current location in the Pocono Mountains. Allyson received her father’s blessing to reactivate the club in our area in 2009 and it has seen a massive resurgence since. 

Now, with its roots planted by Les and carefully nurtured by Allyson, Lost in Time Car Club works among the community in and around Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, aiding diverse organizations in their causes. This summer, the car club will join with organizations like Toys for Tots, Bushkill Outreach Program, and Father John’s Animal House in Lafayette, NJ. Visit their Facebook page for more event details. 

Lost in Time Car Club will be staged in Stroudsmoor’s Lawnhaven parking lot, immediately to the left after pulling onto the Inn’s property. If you have any questions regarding the show, or Music at the Moor generally, be sure to give our Event Office a call at 570-421-6431 | Ext. 420. We hope to see you there!

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