Reservations are accepted for the Pavilion – party-style seating is available beginning at 5:00 PM. Our buffet will be served from 5:00 to 7:30 PM – so get here early and eat hearty!

Dining space under our Pavilion is limited – seating is for buffet diners only. Lawn seating is open to the public – you are welcome to bring a blanket or a lawn chair. If you forgot yours, no worries rent a chair or blanket from us. The Inn is also open for restaurant seating serving our Country Dinner of Prime Rib of Beef for $17.95. Reservations are accepted for restaurant dining. Join us at the Pavilion after dinner in the Inn for the music and the BEER or just the FUN!

Entertainment: Juggernaut String Band

Juggernaut String Band runs on a high octane blend of swamp rock; bluegrass; and Mardi Gras music, including originals by Uncle Pete Taney. Don’t be surprised to see audience members join the band for an impromptu parade. Pete rocks the banjo, fiddle; harmonica and vocals with Cat Burbage on drum kit, bass, and vocals, (sometimes all at once.) and Vid Ryan on bass and guitar.

Buffet Menu

Braised, Boiled and BBQ: BBQ Pulled Pork, Jerk Rubbed Chicken, Boiled Corn on the cob and Short-Rib Mac-n-Cheese, complemented by assorted salads. $17

Dessert: Lemon Berry Tart. $4

Beer Pairing

Bronx Banner by The Bronx Brewery
Golden Ale
4.8% ABV
24 IBU

Brew and menu selections are subject to change without notice.