Event Floor Supervisor

Stroudsmoor Country Inn seeking an experienced Event Floor Supervisor to join our staff.

Job Duties

  1. Training Personnel: (bar, server and wait staff)
  • Training Period: Train new personnel based on Stroudsmoor policies.
  • Evaluate Performance: Based on establish standards which must be achieved before advancing. Evaluate new employees before releasing them from training period.
  1. Provide Event Continuity:
  • Uniform: Regular inspections of all personnel
  • Table Setting: Provide wait staff proper setting instructions for each type of event
  • Linen: Inspect placement for each event
  • Floor Plan: Instruct wait staff on standard set-up as well as client requests for individual events
  • Equipment: Make available in appropriate location the equipment required for individual event (IE. Client paraphernalia, audio visual equipment, etc.)
  1. Event Execution:
  • Opening & Closing Building
  • Communication of Instructions to Wait/Bar Staff
  • Replace call-out staff if necessary and report call-out to the Banquet Manager
  • Food Presentation Methods
  • Customer Relations: Address client requests and complaints during the event. Floor personnel must maintain good client relations during the event to insure a timely response to problems or requests.   Make sure all complaints are documented properly.  Address the complaints with staff, gather details and inform event planners of the situation.
  • Response to Emergency Situations (IE. Medical, logistical, staff, etc.)
  • Damage & Theft Inspection
  • Banquet Accounting Documents
  • Prospective Client Contact: When approached by a potential client, floor personnel most obtain response info. (IE. Name, address, phone #, event attended)
  • Whenever necessary, obtain payment from Client
  1. Contract Information:
  • Attend weekly meetings with Banquet Manager to review event contracts and confirm staff assignments.
  • Obtain detailed information regarding clients’ requests, invoice collection and gratuity disbursement during weekly meetings.
  1. Evaluate Staff Performance:
  • Attend quarterly staff meetings
  • Review and evaluate staff performance with banquet manager regularly.
  • Point out deficiencies immediately.
  • Provide criticism as well as praise for jobs well done.


  1. Report to Event Manager:
  • Provide staff evaluation information at weekly meetings
  • Communicate any client/staff complaints and offer suggestions to eliminate future complaints
  • Routinely offer suggestions for enhancing client satisfaction
  • Report on damage or theft to facilities
  • Control and report loss or breakage of equipment
  • Inventory Status of all banquet facilities:
    • Equipment bi-annually
    • Livestock weekly

Minimum Qualifications

  • Event management: 5 years
  • Events industry: 5 years