Gallery Showing: Patricia A. Griffin


Featured in the Gallery through Fall.

patricia griffin Bio 001

Patricia A Griffin’s vibrant compositions are a contemporary manifestation of humanity’s earliest muse. Her oil paintings of animals on linen, burn slowly as they stir the mind into daydreams of travel and encounters with exotic and indigenous beings. Griffin goes to great lengths to study, photograph and sketch her kinetic subjects. She utilizes subject matter as a testing ground for concepts of color, value, and structure. The works are portals into poetic and psychological content and drift into wordless fantasy. Griffin has spent the past 30 years as a professional artist painting, teaching, and traveling. Her work has brought her International recognition and shown in 15 museums. Patricia’s images can be found in collections from Dallas to Dubai.. She has exhibited in 18 Solo Exhibitions, and over 180 Group Exhibitions. Born in Philadelphia Pa. in 1967.

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