The season’s best fruit, custard and cheese pies are the perfect end to an everyday or holiday meal. SIT pie staples are traditional apple and apple crumb. Season favorites include blueberry, fruit of the forest, peach, pear, pecan, pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb. Custard classics include Boston Cream, Coconut Custard, Ricotta Cheese, Key Lime, Lemon and Coconut Meringue.

Pie DescriptionPrice
Coconut Meringue$18.00
Coconut Custard$18.00
Strawberry Rhubarb$18.00
Lemon Meringue$20.00
Apple Walnut$20.00
Key Lime Pie$20.00
Peach Pie$20.00
Apple Pie$20.00
Fruits of the Forrest$20.00
Pumpkin Apple Crumb$22.00
Pumpkin Pie$22.00
Cherry Pie$22.00
Apple Cranberry Crumb$22.00
Pecan Pumpkin$22.00
Apple Crumb$22.00
Chocolate Chip Pecan$22.00

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