Pastry by definition is a dough made with flour, water and shortening – by Stroudsmoor Inn Towne standards it is so much more!! From our Cannoli Grande to our petite Petit Fours, every bite is pure ecstasy!Enjoy your favorites from the list below in miniature, classic or grande sizes.

Italian Favorites

  • Cannoli (traditional and chocolate-covered)
  • Baconnotto (Cream Puff)
  • Sfogiatelle (Lobstertail)
  • Rum Balls (moist chocolate cake laced with rum and dipped in ganaché)
  • Napoleon (layers of flaky pastry and custard)
  • Trio-Colore (colorful Almond Paste treats)
  • Pignolo (almond Macaroons covered in Pine Nuts)

Petits Fours

  • Éclair (classic in any country)
  • Fruit Tartlets (custard filled cookies with seasonal fruit glacé)
  • Gâteau Formage (miniature cheesecakes in a variety of flavors)
  • Congolais (Coconut Cookies)
  • Chocolat Tasse (chocolate cups filled with raspberry mousse)
  • Pécan Diamant (Pecan and Molasses bar cookies)
  • Meringue Cookies


Pastry DescriptionPrice
Miniature Pastries (available by order only)$18.95 per dozen
Classic Pastries (3”-4” size)$3.50-$4.50 per pastry
Grande Pastries (10”-18” size – limited types available by order only)$99.00-$150.00 per pastry


Our pastry selection varies – Call 570-517-0663 for the today’s pastry selection.