Stroudsmoor Confections include nut brittles, chocolate truffles and barks, chocolate covered fruit, custom blended trail mix and the perfect Caramel Turtle.

Candy DescriptionPrice
Nut Brittles (Almond, Pecan and Peanut)$8.95 pound
Chocolate Truffles$1.00 each
Chocolate Bark$4.95 per bag
Chocolate Covered Strawberries$2.00 - $2.95 each
Bride and Groom Berries$6.00 per pair
Chocolate Covered Granny Smith Apples$6.95 each
Chocolate Covered Dry Fruit$6.95 ¼ pound
SIT Custom Blend Trail Mix$4.95 ¼ pound

Candies are seasonal, so call ahead for the season’s offerings – 570-517-0663.