Stroudsmoor sauces and gravies are the perfect complement to poultry, beef, pork, veal and pasta. Need an idea for a 20-minute meal? Try one of these . . .

Frozen Sauces and Gravies (Great for 20-minute meals!)



Rosa Sauce – Tomato, Basil Cream Sauce great over pasta or sautéed chicken breast.   $3.95 per Unit
White Clam Sauce – perfect over Linguini, add steamed clams for the gourmand touch!   $6.95 per Unit
Chicken Gravy – sauté chicken breast place on a bed of fettuccini and pour on our chicken gravy, add Stroudsmoor Garlic Bread and call it a meal.   $3.95 per Unit
Turkey Gravy – Look ma NO LUMPS! Pour our turkey gravy over slices of our Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey layered on white bread for a hot, healthy open-faced sandwich.   $3.95 per Unit
Beef Gravy – Try adding ground beef and mixed steamed vegetables for a quick poor-man’s stew.   $3.95 per Unit

Jarred Sauces (Boil, Heat, Toss and serve!)



Stroudsmoor Marinara – chunky tomato sauce – totally vegetarian!   $4.95 per quart
Traditional Spaghetti – perfect over any pasta! Add our Veal Parmigiana and invite company.   $4.95 per quart
Roma Tomato – classic Italian sauce made with plum tomatoes.   $4.95 per quart

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