Stroudsmoor Confections include nut brittles, chocolate truffles and barks, chocolate covered fruit, custom blended trail mix and the perfect Caramel Turtle.  Candies are seasonal, so call ahead for the season’s offerings – 570-517-0663.


Candy Description:



Nut Brittles (Almond, Pecan and Peanut)   $8.95 pound
Chocolate Truffles   $.50 - $3.00 per truffle
Chocolate Bark   $6.95 ¼ pound
Chocolate Covered Strawberries   $2.00 - $2.95 each
Bride and Groom Berries   $6.00 per pair
Chocolate Covered Granny Smith Apples   $6.95 each
Chocolate Covered Dry Fruit   $6.95 ¼ pound
SIT Custom Blend Trail Mix   $4.95 ¼ pound

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