The magical fairytale of how Giang and Hoang met...

by Hoang Ho

It was a cold Valentine's Day in 2004 when Giang and I first met. At the time, Giang was still a high school student at MCI (private boarding school) in Maine. I was in my first year of college when my friend approached me and asked me to drive him up to Maine to surprise his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. I excitedly agreed to do so since I didn't have anyone special for that day and he was a new driver so I thought that I'd be a good guy and accompany him to Maine. We left Philadelphia the night before and arrived ten hours later in Maine, Valentine's Day morning. My friend surprised his girlfriend while I sat in the lobby watching TV and trying to hide the awkwardness of not knowing anyone. He later came back to check up on me and introduced me to his girlfriend's roommate which turned out to be Giang.

We introduced ourselves and didn't speak much after that. We played some board games and Giang ended up losing to me. She was not good at accepting losing. We all went out for dinner that late afternoon, upon arriving to the restaurant; I held the door for everyone and she insisted that she didn't need anyone opening any doors for her. I brushed it off and proceeded walk inside. As I continued to walk towards my seat, I pulled out a chair and she assumed that I pulled it out for her and she instantly reminded me that she didn't need anyone doing anything for her. Again I brushed her off. As we finished our meal, my friend and I picked up the check and proceeded to pay for dinner. Once again, I heard the infamous sentence, "I don't need anyone doing anything for me." Till this day, I still laugh thinking about it. The next morning, my friend and I headed home to Philadelphia. I didn't think much of the trip until a week later when I received a phone call from Giang. Much to my surprise, she had gotten my number from my friend. Our first phone conversation was six hours long and continued every day thereafter. Two weeks later, I traveled up to New York to see her while she was visiting a friend at the time. On February 28th, 2004, we became an official couple.

I think that it is a blessing that I get to spend every day with my best friend. We have cheered for each other when times were good and provided a shoulder for each other when times were tough. Even though things are never perfect in life, it's the interactions from one another that make things seem just right. We cherish each other and agreed that we never go to bed angry. It's been 6 years now we're still going strong.

Giang spent countless hours reading through the Knot magazine and online articles after our engagement. After visiting a few locations that were featured in the Knot, we chose the Stroudsmoor Country Inn because of its location and old-world environment. We fell in love with the breath-taking scenery at first sight. We saw the value in the services and loved the wedding venue. We have deep gratitude to the Stroudsmoor Country Inn for making our wedding day magical.

Giang Au & Hoang Ho

Wedding date: April 18, 2010
Photography: Stroudsmoor Photography Studio

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