Ladies in waiting assist with the gown and place the tiara atop your head.  Gently they lay the bouquet in your arms whispering softly . . . The Coachmen has arrived and a Cinderella Coach with two white horses is readied for your delivery to the ceremony.

Horse and Carriage not your style???

Let us arrange one of these speacial coaches for your arrival to the ceremony . . .
1937 Cadillac Limo with running boards and a spats-cladded driver
Rolls Royce with English Shauffeur
Hot Air Balloon with Pilot
Harley Davidson with cabin back and leather-clad biker
Ding, Ding goes the Wedding Trolley
Gather the Bridal Party on a Party Bus
Throught the woods in a Hay Wagon
Even a bicycle built for two!

There is no limit to the ways we can get you to the altar!  Ask your event planner for more information on wedding day transportation!

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