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Susan Bernadette Lebel 2012 Art Exhibit

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A Metaphor for the stories that make a life...

Each painting is the inspiration for another story.

#1 Open Blossom - Original Acrylic Painting 36x24    $425.00
“I live with the beauty of the open blossom”

#2 Hot Pink Peony - Original Acrylic Painting 48x36    $900.00
“Harvested, in my garden 500 stems of hot pink peony which adorned the tables of a Stroudsmoor event”

#3 Sarah’s Bouquet – Original Acrylic Painting 36x24  $150.00
“Capturing an impressionistic feeling, using my bride’s bouquets”
*Custom orders start at $150.00

#4 Phat Garlic - Framed Giclee 50x9    $300.00
“Lewy autumn planting”

#5 Boston Door - Framed Giclee  56x19 ½    $500.00
“Why do I love doors, maybe it’s there inviting look”

#6 Blue – Original Acrylic  24x36  $500.00
“For you Dad”

#7 Gail’s Magazines - Original Acrylic Paintings  48x36   $1200.00
“For the love of interior design”

#8 Phat Apples – Original Acrylic Painting 18x18  $300.00
“Holiday goodness, warm spells, good health, trusting”

#9 Yellow Peony - Original Acrylic Painting 18x18  $ 300.00
“Friendship “

#10 Italy - Framed Photograph (Artist Benjamin Lebel)  $100.00
“My son’s love of travel”

#11 Autumnal Drive - Original Acrylic Painting 48x24    $300.00
“Driving to the Lake House”

#12 Ancient Grape Vine – Original Acrylic Painting 48x77 $1,200.00
“Red sky, seeds of Life”

#13 Cartoon Birches - Original Acrylic painting for Benjamin NFS
“My favorite cartoon”

#14 The Visitor - Original Acrylic Painting 24x48  $400.00
“My children’s honesty and innocence”

#15 Phat Sunflower - Framed Geiclee 27x27  $225.00
“Fabric, pillows, wallpaper a dream for my Phat Sunflower”

#16 BLUE - Framed Poster 39x48  $250.00

#17 Geraniums on window sill - Women’s Resources of Monroe County
“standing strong project”  Framed Poster 48x30    $250.00
“Giving is good” 25% of Geranium prints will go to MCWR

#18 Pots of Geraniums – Original Acrylic Painting 24x36  $500.00
“Painted to help fight abuse”

#19 Geranium on a Window Sill - Original Acrylic Painting  36x25
“Five Geraniums” $500.00

#20 “I Imagine Tuscany” - Original Acrylic Painting 36x24
“Tuscany in the summer” $300.00

#21 Celebrations – Original Acrylic painting  40x30  $400.00
“It is important to celebrate”

#22 BIRCHES – Original Acrylic Painting 59x 47    $1600.00

“A Walk in the woods”

A Metaphor for the stories that make a Life. . .

My exhibit features some of my newest works.  Inspirational images frozen in time, that connects to memories in my Life. The works of Art represent the titles of stories past and present. The Exhibit is meant to stir your emotion, to infuse you with faith, hope, and love, moving one to giggle, play, hope, wish, trust, adore and dream. 

I hope you enjoy the walk.

Read my stories on my Blog

The Gallery at Auradell proudly presents...

A Walk in the Woods

Susan Bernadette Lebel

November 22, 2012 through January 22, 2013

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