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10th Annual Scarecrow Exhibition

September 25 through October 30, 2011

We are proud to partner with the Jacob Stroud Corporation as we celebrate the coming of fall and recognize charitable organizations for their service to our community.


Scarecrow Categories:

• Traditional Scarecrows – A vibrant and unique rendition, paying homage to the scarecrows that have been “scaring crows” from the farmers’ fields and gardens for centuries.
• Group Scarecrow – Make your scarecrow a group project by soliciting members of your church, business or neighborhood to conjure up a “crow” that is representative of your favorite charitable organization, your community or Pennsylvania.
• An Artistic “Crow” – professional or amateur artists create a scarecrow representative of their artistic style and charitable organization.  Don’t forget to sign your “Crow”.
• Crows of Another Feather – create a non-traditional scarecrow to depict a non-profit organization. 


Competition Prizes:

• Grand Prize:  $250 will be given to your favorite charity or non-profit organization
• First Prize: $100 Gift Certificate to SCI – The Restaurant at Stroudsmoor
• Second Prize:  $50 Gift Certificate to Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café
• Third Prize: Gourmet Gift Basket from Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café
• Honorable Mention Award Ribbons

Stroudsmoor Country Inn, Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café and SCI – The Restaurant at Stroudsmoor Country Inn have been supporters of the Monroe County Community for over 25-years – offering charming accommodations, fine dining, enchanting reception sites and old-world hospitality to all who live in and visit the area.  Take your first trip to the Inn by visiting

The Jacob Stroud Corporation is an organization dedicated to the vibrant Downtown Stroudsburg. Its mission is to improve the downtown image by enhancing its physical appearance; building consensus among organizations and the community; promote downtown’s unique characteristics and restructuring and diversifying our economic base.  For more information visit

Rules and Regulations

1. ENTRY FORM: Call us at 570-421-6431 extention 420 to pick up an entry form.
2. THEME: The committee reserves the right to refuse to display any scarecrow entry they deem offensive to the general public.
3. CONSTRUCTION: Scarecrow must be built on wooden frames provided by Stroudsmoor. You will be assigned a display area and given a bale of hay for construction.  NO PERISHABLE GOODS may be used in the construction of your scarecrow (i.e. pumpkins, squash, etc.).  Your scarecrows must be WEATHER-RESISTANT AND STURDY in order to qualify for displaying and judging. We strongly advise participants to visit their creations during the exhibition. Please make any necessary repairs and keep your entry looking good! Unsightly scarecrows will be removed at the discretion of Stroudsmoor Management.
4. SIGNAGE: A water proof sign will be provided by Stroudsmoor. OFFICIAL ENTRY SIGNS will include the organization name and scarecrow title.  Signs will be placed on all completed scarecrows on Tuesday, September 27th.
5. SECURITY: Stroudsmoor and Jacob Stroud Corporation (JSC) are not responsible for the security of the scarecrows on display; therefore, do not use anything of value or that you can’t live without!
6. CHECK-IN: Entrants are required to check in at the JSC office on Ann Street September 25 & 26, 2011 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  Please NO EARLY or LATE CROWS arrivals. Stroudsmoor Staff and JSC Volunteers will be available to direct you to your assigned scarecrow location either on Stroudsmoor property or a JSC downtown location.
7. VOTING: The public may vote the first 2-weeks of the exhibition. Ballots will be available at the JCS Office on Ann Street, at The Main Inn at Stroudsmoor and at Stroudsmoor Inn Towne Bakery Café located at 125 Broad Street, Stroudsburg.
8. JUDGING: Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at Stroudsmoor Country Inn.  A member or members of the winning organizations/group must be available to accept the prize.
9. PHOTOGRAPHY: Stroudsmoor and JSC reserve the right to photograph entries for promotional purposes. Photographs become the property of the Stroudsmoor Scarecrow Committee.
10. PICK UP: SCARECROWS MUST BE PICKED UP Sunday, October 30th by 3:00 PM. Any Scarecrow not claimed by 6:00 PM on the 30th will become the property of Stroudsmoor and JSC, who will at their discretion remove and dispose of all materials.
QUESTIONS: Please direct any questions to

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