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 Mrs. P.’s Zucchini Pomodoro

Mrs. P.’s Zucchini Pomodoro

Here’s how to make Mrs. P.’s Zucchini Pomodoro

With fall here and a new crop of autumnal squash on the way, it’s time to take ...

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Chicken Gril (gluten-free)

Product ID: Chicken Gril (gluten-free)

Chicken Gril

Chicken Gril Chicken Gril   

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Breast of chicken grilled and topped with mushrooms and scallions, served over house roasted tomatoes
1 serving: 353 calories, 17 gm fat, 24 gm carbohydrates, 31 gm protein, 6 gm fiber, 70 mg cholesterol, 213 mg sodium

(v) Indicates the item is vegetarian – some recipes can be prepared Vegan on request
Gluten-free selections are listed in the SCI/PMC Health Advocates Menu