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Relishes & Pickles

A harvest of local produce will be prepped, pickled, processed and packed in Mrs. P’s Kitchen creating the perfect complement to your summer table. Farmers from the region are welcome visitors to Mrs. P’s kitchen – they come with summer squash, Kirby cucumbers, sweet yellow, white and bi-dolor corn, mushrooms, garlic, potatoes, peppers, apples, cherries, peaches and all manner of produce grown in the rich soils of Northeast Pennsylvania.
Stroudsmoor is proud to supports local farms and agriculturalists. Farmers, please call 570-421-6431, Ext. 424 if you are interested in becoming a Stroudsmoor purveyor.

Pickles, Relishes and Chutneys

Price Per Pint:


Mrs. P’s Pickled Vegetables – cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers and onions in a savory sweet brine

Mrs. P’s Pickled Beets – baby beets seasoned with bay leaf an onion

Mrs. P’s Bread & Butter Pickles – Kirby Cucumbers in her secret recipe.

Mrs. P’s Tomato Chutney – plum tomatoes, onions, peppers, apple cider vinegar and spices make a tangy topping for summer grilled meats

Mrs. P’s Cranberry Orange Relish – add mayo and sour cream to make a great summer dip, salad or slaw dressing

Mrs. P’s Pickled Eggs – hard-cooked

Mama Sue’s Corn Relish – made bi-color corn and red peppers

Mama Sue’s Spicy Green Beans – perfect for a healthy bar snack

Mama Sue’s Fresh Tomatoes – ready for use in your favorite recipe


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